For our 2nd annual girls vacation we took a 7-Day Royal Caribbean cruise through the West Indies (Southern Caribbean Islands). It was pretty much what you’d expect… turquoise water, sunshine and sandy beaches galore! Pure bliss if you ask me!

We said Bon Voyage from San Juan, Puerto Rico. From there we would make ports of call in St. Thomas, St. Croix, Antigua, Martinique, and finally St. Lucia! My favorites being Antigua and St. Lucia. Each of the islands were great, no doubt, but Antigua was a favorite because of its beauty and charm. Plus it has over 365 beaches. You could literally go to a different beach every day for a year, now that’s awesome! We also learned that this island is popular with the celebrities… Oprah, Eric Clapton, and Richard Branson to name a few.

St. Lucia was of course beautiful! More than just sandy beaches, you can drive through lush jungle and winding mountain roads. We took a bus to the Grand Pitons which are a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is where the most recognizable picture of St. Lucia can be taken. After sampling some banana catchup, we hopped on a catamaran and set sail back around the island. It was a beautiful drive and sail along the coast.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

We didn’t spend much time here… but after our cab ride with David “Bully” Riviera (very entertaining & knowledgable dude), I would love to come back and explore more of this island. It is of course beautiful and filled with vibrant culture and activity.

St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Overlooking Maegans Bay, St. Thomas

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Coki Point Beach, St. Thomas. I gave this beach a review on Trip Advisor!

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St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

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Paddle boarding… much more difficult than it looks.

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Valley Church Beach, Antigua. One of the 365 amazingly beautiful beaches on this island.

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Old Anglican Church we stopped at on our tour of the island.

Antigua Church

We loved the island tour and English Harbor was one of our favorite spots.
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Fort de France, Martinique

In case you couldn’t tell from the name, this island is French. If you don’t speak french, you may have a hard time communicating here. Pretty much everyone here spoke very little english. Annnnd, you’ll likely run into some speedos and topless women on the beaches.

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Jumping off the dock… because, why not?!

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St. Lucia

Marigot Bay, St. Lucia

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Grand Pitons

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Overall, this was a pretty wonderful trip! Every one of these islands are worth visiting but if you absolutely have to chose, don’t miss St. Lucia or Antigua!


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